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Support & Enablement

We define domiciliary care as homecare that helps people to cope with disability or illness, and allows them to maintain independence. Our service users might need support to live in their own home and we can provide a number of personal services such as, housework, or help with correspondence to aid their lives. Many people are happy and safe living in their own homes with friends or family and this is something to be maintained during times of illness or difficulty. We can assist people in many ways that could improve their standard of life, even if this means providing someone to interact with for a few hours a day. We offer ‘sit in’ calls where a carer can come to your home to enjoy conversation and assist with your household tasks. These could include:

We can also deliver a high standard of personal care and hygiene in peoples’ private homes to help maintain their dignity. We can help service users to stay or get involved in their community and remember relevant dates, events and appointments. Alternative Care wants to supply people with the relevant assistance to lead their lives to their full capacity.

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