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Alternative Care embraces the Government’s new vision for ‘putting people first’ and the recent changes and initiatives discussed for the future of social care.

As a company we like to be creative and apply forward thinking to the care that we provide and the people we support. In our opinion, ‘Personalisation’ means giving the people we provide care for, the same choices, rights and access to services as other members of the community. We continuously aim to ‘think outside the box’ to provide the right care for the individual concerned.

The idea of providing self directed funding to people needing care allows people to shape their own care package and tailor it to their personal needs. We strongly support the fact that our service users have an understanding about the cost of their care so that they themselves can decide if they are receiving value for money. We communicate with local authorities to use budgets in a flexible way so that the service user receives the best opportunities from our available resources.

It is important to us that we support people to live in their own homes, allowing them to be as independent as possible for as long as possible, should this be their wish. We believe this can achieve a ‘win win’ situation for all concerned - preventing expensive emergency support and treatment.

We appreciate there is a whole range of tasks a person might require support with from personal care to getting to the local ‘Knit & Natter’ group. We realise that change and improvement are important to deliver a high standard of person-centred support to the people in our care. It is important to find out what peoples goals, hopes and aspirations are right from the beginning. This ensures that we meet our service user’s needs right from the beginning of the package.

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